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Hello, my name is Denise Minter, twenty five years ago I started on my journey and was headed to city hall to begin my life as a public servant but was side tracked. I spent

the last twenty five years in corporate America and President and Founder of my consultant firm, D.J.M. & Associates, fine tuning my skills, listening to your concerns, 

fighting for the disenfranchised, and organizing programs. Twenty five years ago I saw America spiraling downward into the pockets of the few and decided I must step forward and do my part to stop the demise of the middle class. According to our founding fathers government was never intended for the privileged few to take advantage of and enjoy just for themselves.

We as Americans must unite and show the government we will take no more of your over taxation of the people. If we don't know our history we are doomed to repeat it. Look at history alone and how our country 
was founded with bloodshed and violence untold and unfortunately by our hands. We need to bring back some balance and order before we get to the point of no return. Let's work together with the support of everyone to provide an excellent education for our youth. Studies have shown by the age of 5 our children should be equipped to read and then after that they
should be reading to learn, further advancing their knowledge and skills.

Our senior citizens should not have to pick between eating a healthy meal or paying for medicine. Let's work together and figure out a way in order for their basic needs to be met during their Fall season.  

I constantly look around our nation and I am deeply disappointed to see how we are treating the poor in this nation. I sincerely believe God himself will judge us on how we treat the least of us and so far our report card is not passing. America is a land of wealth and great opportunity. Why must so many continue to sleep on our streets and eat out of trash cans when everyday an untold amount of food is being wasted across this nation. We have an abundance of vacant houses that could very well be used to keep people from living on the streets. Shame on us, we can do so much better then this. 

We are the air in which we breathe.  If we do not protect our environment, we are contributing to the destruction of our very existence. Native Americans hold the strong belief that the planet and humans are but one
continuous life form. I definitely subscribe to that belief if we don't better protect our environment, we will cease to exist. We are all one breathing in the same air with each breath that we take. So let us, protectors of this earth, do a better job of making sure this planet is here for untold generations to come.

Last but not least, I think as a nation we can do better at making sure jobs stay on American soil. I constantly hear and have first hand experienced jobs not being created here but established in other countries bleeding America dry. Let's stop those vampires from sucking the life out of our very existence. If a man doesn't work, he can't eat or provide a decent life for
himself or his family. Let us do better as Americans and keep America working at a livable wage.  


Denise Minter

Background information

January 2000 - Present

McKim Community Association, Inc.
Board Member
May 1990 - Present

City Council of Baltimore
Recognition for Community Service Award
January 1995

D.J.M. & Associates
Consulting Firm
1995 - present

Sign Language Interpreter
December 1999 - Present

Community College of Baltimore, AA
Class of 1984

University of Baltimore, BS
Class of 1987

Johns Hopkins University, MS
Alumni Association Class of 1999
Developed Psychology Theory
January 1999

Society for Human Resource Management
Certificate of Completion
April 2003

New Psalmist Baptist Church
Graduate of The Discipleship Program
May 2005

Board of Elections Judge
Assisted in processing over 1,300 voters in the
Baltimore County Community of Dundalk


Baltimore Child Abuse Walk
June 2014

Crohns & Colitis Walk
June 2014